From Heartbreak to Hope: The Tom's Trust Story


Tom ap Rhys Pryce was robbed and killed on 12 January 2006 as he walked home from Kensal Green underground station. He was a 31 year old qualified lawyer who worked for Linklaters LLP. He was engaged to be married in September of that year. Tom's parents, his fiancée and Linklaters LLP established a registered charity (in the form of a trust) in memory of Tom. Tom was a beneficiary of educational funding for which he was always grateful.

One of Tom's Trust's goals is therefore to work with our partner organisations to provide educational and vocational training opportunities to those who might not otherwise have access to them, in the hope that they too can achieve their potential and lead rewarding lives. Another goal is to help tackle the root causes of violent gang culture and violent street crime. All donations made to Tom's Trust are used to ensure that as much good as possible ensues from his tragic and senseless death.


The response to Tom's Trust to date has been overwhelming. Donations large and small have helped us to support a wide variety of worthwhile charitable projects helping disadvantaged children and young people within the London Boroughs. Since the Charity was set up we have distributed over £2 million. The Trustees would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all the Trust's supporters and donors. With your continued support Tom's Trust can continue to assist these and other excellent initiatives to prevent knife crime. The Trustees welcome any contribution, no matter how big or small.

Our Charitable Goals:

  • To assist disadvantaged children and young people in the London area to achieve their potential and to lead rewarding lives by providing them with educational and vocational training opportunities which they would otherwise be unlikely to receive; and

  • To help to tackle and prevent the root causes of violent gang culture and violent street crime through educational programmes and other charitable means.

The current Trustees of the charity are Tom's father, John ap Rhys Pryce, Andrew Hughes and Patrick Robinson, partners at Linklaters LLP, the law firm at which Tom worked, Callum McGeoch and Alex Young, school friends of Tom's, and Joanna Firth who has an MA in Governance, Politics and Public Policy.

The Trustees have explored many options for promoting these goals of Tom's Trust. They have met with and been greatly assisted by many experienced individuals and organisations who are focussed on achieving goals that overlap with those of Tom's Trust and have generously provided help and advice.

The Trustees are delighted to confirm that none of the funds raised have been used to cover any form of administrative costs, with the result that every single penny of the funds will be spent on promoting the Trust's objectives.