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October, 2023.    by John Ap Rhys Pryce..

"Joanna Firth, our most recent Trustee, is running the Amsterdam Marathon on Sunday 15th October, to raise funds for the Trust.
She says

"I believe that everyone should have access to opportunities that will lead to a fulfilling/successful life and work, and saddened that this is not the case for so many young people in the UK. I find it deeply unfair that some children become caught up in violence and county lines due to their life circumstances, not because they lack potential. In 2020 I wrote a dissertation for my Masters degree which looked at how to tackle youth violence. Through this research I spoke to several people working directly with those affected by gang and youth violence. Hearing their first-hand experience provided further motivation to see change, so when the opportunity came up to become a trustee for the Tom ap Rhys Pryce Memorial Trust, I jumped at the chance.
It has been a huge privilege to see the incredible work of the charities Tom's Trust supports and seeing how necessary and effective their work is inspired me to embark on the marathon as a fundraiser. I have been blown away by the response and this has provided me with the further motivation I have needed when the training has been hard!!!"

Please show her your support by donating to her Just Giving page at:

Christmas, 2022.    by The Tustees.

Winter 2022

With the cloud of covid19 finally lifting, 2022 has given our partner organisations the chance to get back to what they do best, providing young people with the face-to-face care and connection they need. But as we head into 2023, the cost of living crisis and looming recession bring equally daunting challenges, and, as ever, those with the least are impacted the most. Swingeing cuts to social services places increasing demands on the charitable sector just as their ability to raise funds diminishes and their overheads skyrocket .

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Christmas, 2021.    by Callum McGeoch.

Winter 2021

2021 has been another year in which the covid19 pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing inequalities within our society, particularly for less advantaged young people in urban areas. Education and employment opportunities, access to physical and mental healthcare, technology and affordable activities and safe outdoor spaces have been constricted while the cost of living has gone up.

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Christmas, 2020.    by Callum McGeoch.

Christmas 2020

It hardly needs saying that 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. But as vaccines offer a glimmer of hope for a brighter 2021, it's important to remember that the lasting effects on the nation's economy and mental health will hit disadvantaged young people especially hard.

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Spring, 2020.    by Callum McGeoch.

Spring 2020

2020 is the 14th year that Tom's Trust has been tackling the root causes of violent street crime and gang culture.
Investing your donations into the most effective, innovative and impactful programmes and partnerships we can find, and monitoring their progress every step of the way.

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Spring, 2019.    by Callum McGeoch.

Spring 2019

Spring is a time for rejuvenation and optimism. Tom's Trust was created in the memory of a wonderfully optimistic young man who always looked for the good in people.
And through the expert, compassionate work of the grass-roots youth organisations we fund, optimism is the currency we convert your donations into.

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Christmas, 2018.    by Callum McGeoch.

Christmas 2018

Thanks to your generosity, 2018 has been another year in which our beneficiary organisations have helped thousands of disadvantaged young people across London discover their potential and resist the lure of gangs and street crime.

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October, 2018.    by John Ap Rhys Pryce.


It is with enormous regret that we have to report the passing of Estella, Tom's Mother, on 8th October this year. As one of the original Trustees, she helped to set up the Trust and took a personal interest in all of the various projects. She particularly enjoyed meeting the young people who were being helped by the Trust, and she will be greatly missed.

Spring, 2018.    by Callum McGeoch.

Newsletter 2018

Welcome to the latest update from Tom's Trust; a brief snapshot into some of the remarkable work being done every day to transform young lives and tackle the root causes of violent street crime in London. All of it made possible thanks to your generous donations. If you would like to set up a small, regular donation by direct debit, it couldn't be simpler or quicker to do and enables us to help provide the kind of consistent, long-term support our partner organisations need most.

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Autum, 2017.    by Callum McGeoch.

Newsletter 2017

Welcome to the latest update from Tom's Trust - your chance to hear what our partner organisations have been up to over the last six months. First of all though, we would like to extend a huge thank you from all of us at Tom's Trust and all the charities, schemes and projects we fund for your continued interest and support. Extra special thanks to Club Peloton for the continued and substantial support.

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Spring, 2017.    by Callum McGeoch.

Newsletter 2016

Thank you for your continuing support and interest in our efforts to make London a safer place for all, by making it a fairer, more hopeful place to grow up, for all. With your help we are funding some amazing charities who, in their different ways, all give disadvantaged children and young people a chance to shine, whether it be on the stage, the football pitch, or at school.

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December, 2016.    by Callum McGeoch.

Newsletter 2017

Thanks to you our loyal supporters, and the invaluable backing of Linklaters LLP, Tom's Trust has been able to continue, in this our 10th year, to provide essential support to a wide range of innovative, impactful charities and initiatives, all of which aim to improve the prospects of less fortunate young people.

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Spring, 2016.    by Callum McGeoch.

Newsletter 2016

In January 2006 the world lost a truly wonderful person, to a truly shocking, senseless act of violence. In the days and weeks that followed Tom's family, fiancé, colleagues and friends came together to try and understand the underlying causes of the tragedy and to channel the national outpouring of compassion and generosity.

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Autumn, 2015.    by Callum McGeoch.

Newsletter 2016

Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter. Once again, a huge THANK YOU to all who have donated to Tom's Trust to enable it to continue providing vital help where it is most needed.
Every year, one or more of the Trustees visits each one of the 15 projects supported by the Trust to monitor the progress being made. It is always inspiring to see how much good work is being achieved by the committed individuals involved.

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Autum, 2014.    by Callum McGeoch.

Newsletter 2016

Dear Friends and Supporters,
We are very glad to send you this year's update on the Trust's progress, projects and the personal stories of young people whose lives hav been turned around thanks to your donations and fundraising efforts and the hard work of our amazing partner organisations.

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