Tom's Trust has supported

Livity is a unique Social Enterprise, co-creating campaigns, content and communities alongside young people every day. In return, the young people benefit from mentoring, accredited training, equipment to produce their own print and digital media, pastoral care, assistance with progression, and access to other opportunities, including apprenticeships and involvement with exciting client projects.

Livity's flagship in-house youth project is Live Magazine. Live Magazine is an innovative, well-established tried and tested method of engagement of young people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Young people put the magazine together under the guidance of professional mentors, and have the gratification of seeing their work published online or in the printed quarterly magazine.

Through the production of Live Magazine, some of the most fundamental needs and challenges facing young people in London have been addressed. Some of the young contributors have faced serious challenges growing up, and are in need of support to restore confidence, learn new skills, get access to training and one-to-one mentoring, and gain routes into employment or back to education.

Tom's Trust has been working with Livity and Live Magazine for several years across a number of projects to help young people with particular risks and challenges, and currently funds Landing Pad, a Live magazine-based intensive pastoral support and learning programme for young people who are not in employment, education or training and identified as at risk. The project uses office experience, media skills training, visits, and talks about life experiences to develop confidence, trust, co-operation, broaden horizons and raise aspirations towards a more stable, structured and happy life.