Tom's Trust has supported

Motorvations is a unique facility in East London helping kids with multiple, complex needs including special educational needs, physical and mental health issues, who have often suffered from physical and sexual abuse. They are socially and financially deprived, come from broken families and are often in care. Behavioural problems have led to exclusion from school and poor levels of basic skills, communication and social skills, and lack of parental guidance make it difficult for them to integrate with the community.

Motorvations aims to improve the child's self esteem, confidence, social skills, behaviour, knowledge and life chances, and have adopted the 'every child matters' framework for success, linking physical well-being to academic attainment by offering a wide range of physical activities. Their holistic approach to learning significantly improves their chances of gaining employment and ultimately achieving economic independence, tackling the poverty cycle and turning their lives around.

The kids are encouraged to give something back to their local communities and the volunteering bicycle refurbishment project enables them to repair old donated bicycles in the workshops, which then benefit good causes like St Francis Hospice for the terminally ill, the local women's refuge, and Falconer children's orphanage in Zambia. This improves how the community perceives these kids, whilst improving their own sense of self-worth.

The beneficiary outcomes are considered excellent. Last year 72% achieved NOCN qualifications, 60% of year 11's entered work and 21% of year 11's entered further education. 11% quit smoking with the smoking cessation scheme, and 78% entered onto the health and nutrition programme improving their fitness and life chances.

Motorvations were winners of The Centre for Social Justice Awards 2008, The Guardian Charity Awards 2006 and the Thames Gateway Community Involvement Awards 2006. Some of their sculptures, pictured here, made from old bike and car parts, have been displayed in the Mayor's Office.

Tom's Trust made a contribution to salaries of project workers on "Rocking Horse" - a constructional skills (pilot) project, and "Bird Box" - a carpentry focused (pilot) project, enabling marginalised excluded 'at risk' young people to gain practical qualifications which will give them entry level into formal training programmes or employment -