Tom's Trust has supported

Tom's Trust continues to fund a programme designed by the OK Club, a youth club based in South Kilburn, called 'Triggers'. This experimental learning programme will focus on some perceived root causes and 'triggers' of gang culture and violent street crime - i.e. the lack of, and need for:

status, role, income, respect, growing self-esteem, independence and mobility
an understanding of how to resolve conflict peacefully
satisfying co-operative relationships with family, friends, adults and partners
gains in emotional literacy and motivation, helped by positive male role models
appropriate physical and mental stimulation and creativity - e.g. arts and sport.

The OK Club recruits disadvantaged young people known to be at high risk of group involvement in violent street crime, and engages them in enjoyably challenging learning experiences in the hope that these will act as 'triggers' towards improved social attitudes, relationships and vocational skills. The feed-back received to date indicates that this programme does have the desired effect. -