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Courtesy of The Salmon Youth Centre

The Salmon Youth Centre in Bermondsey has provided a place and a purpose for children and young people in the London borough of Southwark for over 100 years. Located at the heart of this community, Salmon is one of the longest continuously serving youth centres with the biggest range of dedicated facilities and floor space of all youth centres in the UK. They aim to inspire young people to develop ambition for learning and work, to reach their full potential and to contribute to their community.

The facilities available at Salmon have been described as ‘world class’ and include a 12-metre high climbing wall, theatre, dance studio, four-court sports hall, professionally equipped music studio, multi-sensory room (suitable for children with autism), seminar and conference rooms, I.T Suite, training kitchen, gym, social area, workshop, art studio and roof-top terrace. Children begin attending Salmon at the age of six, with activities provided right up to the age of 25. We deliver generic play and youth work through our six to nine’s club, 10-13s and 14-16s clubs, girl’s and mixed clubs and 16+ clubs.

Tom’s Trust is helping to pay the salary of one of their youth workers.